Meet Big Ducks!

10,000 uniquely generated, cute and social ducks with proof of ownership stored on the Polygon blockchain.

Not just a cute duck

Each Big Duck is as special as the next, but some Big Ducks are rarer than the others. Big Ducks come in different rarities ranging from the 'Ultra-Rare' to 'Common'. The rarer the attributes, the rarer your Big Duck will be!

With 127 unique attributes your Big Duck will be truly one of a kind

No two Big Ducks will be the same. Each Big Duck is generated with attributes based on rarity. From breeds, backpacks, hats, clothing, shoes to scarves!

Try your luck for an incredibly rare Big Duck

Each Big Duck minted has the chance of being an ultra rare breed. How lucky will you be?

Built and stored on Polygon blockchain with ownership

Big Ducks live on the Polygon blockchain, allowing collectors to buy, sell and trade Big Ducks with collectors from around the world. No need to pay hefty Ethereum gas fees!

Meet the team

Cpt. Moon

Project Lead


Crypto nomad, trader and Polygon maximalist. At Big Duck, Cpt. Moon is responsible for overseeing the project.



Software Engineer working on a cloud-native institutional-grade crypto trading platform. At Big Duck, jTanG is responsible for all things development.

MGS Honor


Pixel Artist and Animator. At Big Duck, MGS Honor is responsible for all things design, from the duck and its attributes to marketing material for the project.


Community Manager

Crypto enthusiast and trader. At Big Duck, RsK is responsible for managing the Discord community, ensuring the server is a safe, healthy environment for everyone.

Big Duck

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