The Big Duck NFT hosts a range of giveaways to celebrate milestones as described in our roadmap. This page lists active giveaways, winners of past giveaways as well as the proof of fair drawing.

Provable Fairness

All our giveaways are conducted in a way to ensure a fair drawing. We use the merkle root of the first bitcoin block mined after each giveaway ends as a source of randomness. The details of the drawing method used is described on this page.

Active Giveaways

There are currently no active giveaways.

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Previous Giveaways

Big Duck Pre-Launch Discord Giveaway

Winners: Various Winners (click to see all)

Prize: 8x Big Duck NFTs, $200 MATIC, 50% minting rebate

Big Duck x Lucky Hamster Syndicate

Winner: Krizzy#9186

Prize: 1x Lucky Hamster Syndicate NFT, $25 MATIC

Big Duck x Xero Future Collab

Winner: AnonymousPizza37#1149

Prize: 1x Xero Future NFT tarot card

Big Duck x Free Fallers Collab

Winner: boburkc#4233

Prize: 1x Random Big Duck NFT, 1x Free Fallers NFT of choice

Twitter Launch Giveaway

Winners: @princemunjal77, @malcityx, @Cho_cho95

Prize: 1x Random Big Duck NFT

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